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Go unto all the world and preach the gospel. There is a small church in Somerville, Texas, USA that needs an associate pastor and a family group to revitalize the children’s program. I and my family live in Queensland, Australia. After much prayer the church has made the call, and my family has answered. I am in the latter stages of my seminary and can finish from anywhere.

The church is a small country church that as recently as a two years ago was much bigger. The senior pastor has made a house available, but it needs some renovation for a family of seven. I know, from the spirit within, that this is the next stage in my life. What we need is for the Lord’s people to participate in placing my family and I where He wants us. God knows His people hear His voice and answer His call. What my family needs is the funding to get the legal help for the visas to go to the USA, packing & shipping expenses, travel expenses, and the funds to renovate the house.

The church family will provide the furnishings and another Christian friend has promised the car and some miscellaneous funds. Our goal is $175,000, US funds.

This would also provide the medical insurance coverage for my family.

This is your opportunity to be a part of spreading the gospel message. After you read this: pray how you can help; then spread this message to all of your friends in social media and otherwise. We will see God’s miracle of His people responding to His ministry.