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Hello, my name is Ronald, but I prefer to go by Alex. (Alexander is my middle name).

I came to this wonderful country in 2008. I am originally from El Salvador. I barely knew any English back then and had to adapt really quick. It was challenging, it was tough, but it was good to know that I had people behind me that had my back, especially those at school, who always believed and me and pushed me to improve. Because of them I was able to graduate from HS and finish on time -I had to take extra credits just so that I could graduate with a “recommended” programs.

In July of 2011 I joined the service. In Nov 2012 I got orders overseas. In 2013 in when things started going downhill financially. My grandparents who I grew up with were having difficulty keeping up with expenses. Especially medical expenses. My aunts here in the states wouldn’t help them with what was needed even though they were in a position to do it. I had to take the hit from there on and I ended up in a very compromising financial situation. As an E-3 at the time in the Service it was difficult to try to send basically all your money and just try to get by. Credit cards came into place because there was no option. I had to do everything I could so I could help my grandparents who raised me for 16 years pay back what they have done for me. My grandpa died in 2013 of kidney failure. Luckily I was able to come for two weeks to see him before he passed. The draining of money still continued, because my grandmother went into depression during and after my grandpa’s passing. She almost passed away as well, because she was just in a very bad mental state from my grandpas passing. I did everything I could for my grandpa and for my grandma, on top of helping my aunt who lived with them and cared for them, she also had a family, so, I also had to help her with that.

Because I tried to be a good Samaritan to them, I got myself in a big financial trouble. I understand that ultimately this is my fault and I could have prevented this, but having been there and knowing what is like to have the need and beg for help and not get it, it drove me to do everything I could to help them. I disregarded my self and put them in front of me. But now I am back in states with all this debt (Credit card) that I just cant get ahead. Just paying the minimum each month is killing me.

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I am working on becoming a Dentist one day but with all this debt is really difficult to focus. I am taking classes online and soon enough I will transfer my degree to a university near by to finish the pre-reqs and the bachelors. Being able to pay off this credit card debt it would mean the world to me and would allow me to sleep at peace at night. It would also allow me to peacefully study and to be productive at work. -I am still in the service-. Working and studying it’s hard as it is and adding the worry of having debt just doesn’t mix well. I need the help, I feel helpless I don’t really know what else to do. I would highly, highly be grateful if I am able to meet this goal.