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Hi all!
I am a sophomore at Cornell University studying atmospheric science. I have been accepted to go abroad to Iceland with The Green Program, an experience-based learning group that is focused on sustainability. I plan to travel to Reykjavik to learn about Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability January 8-15 2020. I have been awarded $500 from my university to cover my airfare but I still need to raise $4,000 to cover the program cost as well as extra travel expenses.

The natural environment has always fostered a certain curiosity in me from a young age. As I grew older, I learned of the impacts of climate change which eventually led me to my current studies. In the future, I hope to perform research in atmospheric chemistry, but I also hope to serve a role in environmental policy-making.

We currently live in an age of a climate crisis. All possible solutions to this crisis lead to one crucial first step: switching to renewables. I want to play a role in making this complete switch in the United States a reality. Studying abroad would help me to gain exposure to one of the greenest countries on the planet and help me truly understand the power of renewable energy.

Thank you for any help you are able to give! More information on the program can be found here: