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Marcel Barnes is one of the thousands of American citizens who received a harsh prison sentence for nonviolent drug-related crimes such as the 100-to-1 crack cocaine law in the 1980s. The FIRST STEP Act which was passed into law on December 18, 2018, is the only law at this time that comes close to having the kind of impact to affect the number of people needing a difference to be made in their sentencing. This new law provides an opportunity for people who are 60 years old and older to get out of prison by sending them home on home confinement for the duration of their sentence. He is 65 years old and has served 25 years in prison. His mother is 96 years old and counting. Help us to get Marcel home to spend time with his mother and to get back to his life. So many people are bearing the hurt behind such sentencing and we would like to help others as well. The funds go directly to the lawyer or agency that will aid with this process and there will be an update of all fund distributions and outcomes with full disclosure of how your donations are used. Thank you for your help! We anticipate great things!!!