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GoFundME for preliminary exams for my aortic stenosis operation

Hello, I was in the process of getting the preliminary exams for my aortic stenosis operation to fix the clogged valves in my heart. I have to see the liver doctor because I also have cirrhosis of the liver and it complicates the operating procedures. Because my liver could shut down during the operation and I would die.

So, to make matters worse. I was involved in a car accident. I hit a tree head-on. No one else was hurt thankfully! But I shattered my hip bone in four places. Because of all of my other conditions, they delayed operating for four more days.

Finally, they agreed to operate but told me I was a ” high risk “. Because of all my other health problems. I made it through the surgery. But now I really am incapacitated.

I really do need as much support as anyone will allow me. Thank you.