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GoFundMe Darius needs help with heart surgery recovery

GoFundMe Darius needs help with heart surgery recovery!

Recently a GofundMe campaign was set up to provide support for Darius. Darius was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. They then detected a heart murmur that showed coronary artery disease, aortic stenosis, and a left anterior fascicular.

That means that there are several issues. One is a calcium build-up in his blood intake vein to the heart, so they can’t do a stint there.

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Also, heart surgery will be too risky because of the cirrhosis of the liver; he will not be able to process the anesthesia correctly. In a few weeks, we have a doctor’s appointment at the most advanced medical center in PA to analyze options.

He works as a driver, but now he can only work part-time because of his condition. He doesn’t qualify for unemployment assistance because his income is over the monthly threshold. He is divorced with no children, and both parents are deceased. Darius is a musician and mountain bike enthusiast but, because of his condition lately, has not been able to engage in either activity.

After the procedure, he will not be able to work for several months. We are asking for donations because he has living expenses he must meet, or he will lose his home! He does not qualify for food stamps. He is hard-working and has always been able to take care of himself… except for now. Because of this situation, he will not even be able to buy simple necessities without your help.

Hearshy Medical Center. He told me that the heart valve replacement would normally be an easy procedure. But because of my cirrhosis of the liver, it will complicate things. So now I will have an appointment with a liver specialist


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All help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!