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In 2017 my wife and I each received honorable discharges from the military after six years. We have struggled to make ends meet ever since then. We thought we had planned for the transition but it didn’t go as well as we had hoped and unexpected expenses continuously popped up. Losing two incomes within months of each other was incredibly hard.. I got a job before my last paycheck from the military but it didn’t pay nearly as much as we needed but I still accepted it because it was better than nothing. My wife was starting school that fall but it was 6 months out and we needed to make it till then. We had our debt paid off from what we accrued from over those past six years and had a good start to being civilians again. Reality hit and my new job couldn’t make ends meet at all (worse than we thought) and what little was in savings was gone and we were hundreds a month negative on our bills. We had everything budgeted before hand with food and fuel included. We knew the minimal for our bills and cut out anything extra we couldn’t afford. It just wasn’t enough. I’m hoping to raise enough money to take some of the strain off of us that we can knock down the rest of our debt by ourselves. After separating it has been hard to get a job that pays well. I haven’t been looking for the highest paying job but something that would help us make ends meet within reasonable means. Where we live, it has been hard to make airframe mechanic skills translate to what pay I have been looking for to make ends meet. I’ve even applied to aircraft jobs in the area with no prevail.. When my wife is in school we have a couple hundred left over a month from her GI bill pay but we have to save that for months she’s not in school so we can stay afloat during the summer and times when school isn’t in for the whole month. We were not prepared for what was ahead of us after separating the service. We thought we planned well because of all the horror stories. We’ve had to use a card on almost everything to buy the basic necessities. If we can get some of our debt knocked down then we can be able to stop stressing and be able to pay the rest down ourselves to get rid of the cards for good. We just need help getting started and will donate any extra proceeds to a veteran charity. We greatly appreciate any donation and it will really change our lives for the better and help us get our footing in civilian life.

Thank you.