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In 2008 I had gone for a routine eye test at a local opticians close to where I was working at the time in Finance in London. The optician had noticed something odd when looking at the retina and as a result sent me to A&E at London’s famous Moorfield Eye Hospital. There I had been told that I am suffering from a degenerative condition which is genetic and will very quick see significant deterioration in my eye sight. within a matter of 2 years I had gone from being able to drive and hold down a good job to being made redundant, becoming registered blind and all the mental health issues this brought about.

I had always worked and continually tried to hide my disability from prospective employers but this was impossible. As a result tried to open a small record shop in Hastings with my wife but only was open for 4 years due to retail being tough and people steeling from the shop due to their plight in the environment of Government spending cuts etc.

With the help of my darling wife I managed to pass the exams to become a self employed mortgage broker. Although this gives us a living there is so much more I wish to do. I wish to support those in similar situations suffering with sight loss and give them the opportunity for employment. Hence need funds to start this venture up for the common good of all disabled people.

I would like to raise a good amount to set up a digital asset crypto currency company and to employ those in the same situation as myself who have the knowledge and experience of finance and technology but have either partially or fully lost their vision and finding it near impossible to find work due to discrimination by employers, which I feel is still rife especially in the professional careers.

The reason for going down the route of digital assets and fully digital banking is so that adaptive technology can easily fit into this area and thus make life easier for us who are sight impaired or blind.

I am sorry for waffling on but I just want to get something up and running to bring hope and positivist to those who are suffering with sight loss and the mental vanquish, frustration and emotional pain they go through.

I implore you good people to help make my and those others suffering with sight loss lives a bit easier with the opportunity of employment and self worth.

This is what I have been able to set up with help from a web developer

I thank you in advance