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Help Raise Tuition for Student with Anxiety

$3,500 goal
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Alyssa Schoen is organizing this fundraiser.
Created 6 days ago
Education & Learning
I am a student at Eastern Oregon University in my freshman year, I am majoring in Psychology, and I am pansexual. I come from a religious family with a lot of financial need, which has caused me some stress as I have gone on to university. My goal is to become the kind of person who can offer insight and understanding to youth in our society who have struggled or are struggling with mental health, identity or addiction. I have struggled with an anxiety disorder and my sexuality my whole life, and while I am doing my best to make the most of my experiences, I still find myself grappling with my mental health. The stress of college expenses and coming short of tuition has caused me to relapse at points. I wouldn’t want to ask too much of anyone, but I would truly and greatly appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Thank you for your time!