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Gofundme. “Author me beastly” Book Published

Hi everyone. With an offer from a self publishing company, I have the chance to see my stories become a published reality. I am in negotiations with them and we are working out whether it will be released as a trilogy or as a single book. Still have a quite a ways to go to reach the goal so if you could consider helping, even small amounts all add up and help reach the target. Whatever the amount, you will have a part in helping my book become a reality and my everlasting gratitude in getting this story to print.

I know there are some of you that already read my stories and I hope that one day soon, you’ll be able to own your own copy, knowing you helped it to become a reality, knowing that you helped to realise a dream. And there are many many who haven’t read my fiction and hopefully one day you might. Any and all help is so so appreciated and welcome and please, share this campaign with others if you can. As some of you already know, the last couple of years have been incredibly difficult as my health has deteriorated and a huge financial strain has caused much depression and stress. But through the downturn, through the pressure of nearly losing everything I have, through the adjustment of living life in constant physical pain – through all of that, I discovered an ability and passion to write and it’s my dream now that writing bring me a happier fuller life. It’s already brought me such cathartic and hopeful joy and to see it go to the next step, into a published book, would mean opportunities for me as a person, as a single mother and as a woman. How amazing would that be?

With much love and gratitude