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Its hard to imagine experiencing one bone marrow transplant in your life but Andrea is now on round 2.

Andrea, a loving wife and mother received horrible news in April of 2017. Andrea was diagnosed with Acute Myeliod Leukemia (AML). After enduring a rapid deployment of chemotherapy she was told that without a bone marrow transplant she had a 20% change of survival.

The stars aligned, and in September of 2017 Andrea and Will traveled to Seattle Washington from their home Montana, to the Seattle Cancer Care Institute to receive her transplant.

After enduring 4 months of treatment, Andrea and Will headed home just before Christmas in 2017. They both were so excited to be home for the holidays with family and friends and with the support Andrea needed to continue her treatment.

During 2018, Andrea battled many side effects of such an invasive treatment making for a difficult recovery process. The end of 2018 appeared to be brightening as Andrea received fantastic news that she could start her vaccinations. (yay!) This was a turning point as after you receive a bone marrow transplant, you essentially have the immune system of a newborn baby and have to start your vaccinations all over again. Our family was hopeful that Andrea had finally rounded the bend and that she could start back on the path to a normal life.

Unfortunately, 2019 began with concerns as Andrea developed a growth on her hip that was determined to be a tumor. After additional testing, Andrea received the news no one wants to hear… her cancer had returned.

Andrea again started an intensive round of chemotherapy to slow the AML. Her doctors decided that due to the progressive nature of her cancer, another bone marrow transplant was needed. Andrea was then put on the fast track to receive her 2nd bone marrow transplant. (talk about getting kicked when you are down!)

In September of 2019 Andrea and Will once again traveled from their home in Montana to Seattle Washington for Andrea to receive her 2nd bone marrow transplant. Our family is remaining optimistic about the outcome of the procedure. Unfortunately Andrea and Will are going to miss Thanksgiving with family and friends and may be missing Christmas with them.

Through every round of Andrea’s treatment in Seattle, Andrea and Will’s 6 year old son Zander has been living with his grandparents 1400 miles away in Arizona. Zander is unable to visit his mom and dad as he needs to attend school, but also due to Andrea’s fragile state they cannot risk any germ exposure. To top it off, Zander is also battling Autism, making the time away from mom and dad, even that more difficult.

To add insult to injury, Andrea and Will’s 12 year old daughter, Ember, has had to stay in Montana. She is also unable to visit her mom and dad because like her brother, she needs to attend school and the risk of germ exposure to Andrea is too great.

Our family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Andrea, Will, Zander and Ember get through this difficult time. Neither Andrea or Will is able to work while Andrea is going through treatment in Seattle. Will is Andrea’s primary care giver throughout the course of her treatment.

The blow of cancer returning, requiring a second bone marrow transplant, missing Holidays at home with family and friends, and not being able to see your children is just incomprehensible to most people… to Andrea… this is her current life. We pray for her recovery and future health, and ask for any donation possible to help reunite this family for years to come.