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I’ve received an offer from Cambridge University to read Law with Senior Status (SSL) starting in October 2020. SSL is a two-year academic law degree for students who hold a first degree in another discipline. SSL is Cambridge University’s equivalent of the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). I have until next June to provide financial guarantees (i.e. pledges of support on GoFundMe) to Cambridge otherwise my offer will be withdrawn. I aim to raise £40k for tuition fees and £26k for accommodation and living expenses. In total: £66,226.

The application process was competitive and demanding. Cambridge receives around 17,000 applications per year and only 1 in 5 applicants secures a place. I had to submit written work, participate in two interviews and complete a legal aptitude test. Additionally, I had to demonstrate consistently high grades (i.e. mostly 1:1s) and a commitment to the law to receive the offer.

Law conversion courses are not entitled to student loans. Although I’ve applied for the Black Heart Foundation Scholarship and the Lincoln’s Inn GDL Scholarship (worth around £10k each), both scholarships are neither sufficient nor guaranteed. I will be applying for the Stormzy Scholarship that opens on 15 August. I can only tap into other Cambridge scholarships (which are also competitive) once I’m a registered student i.e. next autumn, and by then it’ll be too late. I have no alternative, therefore, but to crowdfund. Please see below for the breakdown of the costs. I will update my budget plan on an ad hoc basis once I receive more information.