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Generation ZAPPED Kickstarter Campaign Viral Marketing

GENERATION ZAPPED is a solution oriented documentary investigating health risks associated with wireless technology and what the FCC doesn’t want you to know. Our film is part of an awareness movement about why it is important to set precautionary measures for cell phone use and Wi-Fi use especially in schools and what we can do to minimize our exposure with basic safety guidelines.

In less than one generation, cell phones and the Internet have revolutionized our lives. GENERATION ZAPPED investigates how this gift of convenience has consequences that could be seriously threatening our health and the development of our children.

Like second hand smoke, we want people to become aware of radiation, request radiation free zones, and demand updated safety guidelines based on the latest research.

In an effort to educate the public, GENERATION ZAPPED utilizes interviews with international scientists and public health policy experts. The film shines a light on the cause and effect relationships of RF exposure on infertility, autism, learning disabilities, brain cancer and breast cancer.


Please support #GenerationZapped the doc on #Kickstarter. Bringing awareness to the health risks associated with wireless technology!