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Funds for Medical battles FREE GoFundME Marketing

This is a continuation of my original campaign to raise funds to keep me housed and fed and to pay for medical costs that I encountered after the discovery of a Thornwaldt Cyst in my head. (see the picture)

I managed to raise over $5000, which has kept me from sinking for the past 10 months, and I thought yesterday, that I was going to begin my transition back to work, but my doctor and the rehabilitation team at work have since told me they will not allow me to return to work without more test and specialist appointments.

Every fortnight, my rent and electricity amount to more money than I have coming in, and then I have to feed myself, pay for things like internet, and now medical tests and specialist appointments on top of that, and I simply do not have the means to do any of it. I’m hoping to raise at least another $1000, but hopefully $2000-$3000, as I don’t know how long this will continue on for at this point.

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