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Funding for a friend’s home (This is a surprise they do not know I’m doing this!)

I am raising money for a family that I care about very much, they’re a wonderful family of 6, there’s 4 kids(2boys and 2 girls), mother and her bf, only one of them has a job wading tables. I see that they are in need of a new home. They deserve so much better. It’s falling apart! It sways from side to side on the upper level and the floor feels like it’s going to fall out from underneath of you at any second! The house had a fire before they moved in and I’m pretty sure they just rebuilt on the old charred wood and I think it’s time for them to be able to have a better home or at least enough money to get the proper repairs done! Once again this is a surprise fund raiser so I will not be posting pictures of the family, instead I posted a picture of myself, my name is Zachariah Sample. Contact me if u have any questions!!! Thank you to those who can help! Have a blessed day!!!