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Hello, my name is Jonathan Vautour.

I am looking to raise donations to record a new album. Music has always been a passion of mine since I picked up a guitar. Balacing this desire with my desire to eat (Haha) I realized I am going to need more funds to make my dream happen.

Idealy I am looking to gather enough money to take care of the recording fees and the mastering. Everything after, including promotion, will be handled on my own.

I am working with a great studio called Flock Audio located in Edmonton where I have recorded my last single called Monday, which will be available on all major social media sites including iTunes and Bandcamp on November 18th.

My plan is to give donars rewards in respect to the size of donations they pledge. This starts from free downloads of my previous songs/albums with smaller donations, all the way up to writing/recording a custom song of your choosing (or even private performances).

Rewards are as follows:

$5 – A heart emoji and my undying platonic affection (also a download of my new single “Monday”)

$10 – A digital copy of the album when it is finished

$20 – A digital copy of my album “From the Heart” and the new album when it is finished

$25 – Everything above ^_^

$50 – A write you a ten second jingle/song and post it on my Instagram.
+ the digital downloads.

$100 – Your name will be featured on the album credits. + the digital downloads.

$250 – I will record a cover of a song of your choosing (Within reason of my genre, and no profanity)
+ the digital downloads.

$500 – Woah-ho you big spender. You receive a private performance from your’s truley. (Located within 100km of Edmonton)
+ the digital downloads.

$1000 – All of the above. +BFF status