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FPerLa© & PET©

“FPerLa Colaborando ayudando a la Gente”.©2016.

FPerLa© Es: F.uera de Per.fil La.boral, no pueden tener un trabajo ” normal”.

FPerLa© Minds: Without an Ok Laboral Profile, they can not work in a standard 4, 6 or 8 hrs. Dialy way or work.

The Problem to Solve: Imagine that the cause that You need work IS THE SAME CAUSE BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT WORK IN A NORMAL/STANDARD TIME LINE… Near to Desperate.

But now You can do a Strong difference!

Before we Have not the Smartphones, Internet everywhere, Crowfunding less KickStarter… In México!

Now we need a Native App & html5 Web Store and FPerLa© Community Network… On-Line to grow arround the Earth!

We will use or app creation ang host… And is because:

We are Connecting:

My Art and Technology, From México and urban people in socioeconomic risk condition, the FPerLa© Ones to produce our art work and Design productos that we offer to You, The nice people who is our Target Market.