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For my dad chronic kidney deases stage 3 Generosity Boost IDIDIT Campaign

help us to save my dad life. Helo im from malaysia.

I’m setting up this fundraiser to help my father, with kidneys transplant and medical expenses.people know me as kazey or kaz. im 21years old. working as a waiter.

my parent working as a general operator at oilpalm factory.start on september 2016 our life become more sad when my 53years old father diagnosed with chronic kidney deases stage3,which both of he kidneys 70% didnt work very dad has quit from his job,due his illnes.he become more weak day by day.The money me and my mum earn we use for his medical cost and transport to the hospital. Im also do part time to support our family daily needs.honestly, we also get help from our society and other family.but, its still cant cover my dad treatment.

As i told before my dad has medical appoinment in every 3weeks,its called hemodialisis,which is for filtering the blood from exrections using hemodialisis machine.becuase his kidney didnt work well anymore.only with this treatment can help him.the cost for every month almsot rm4000.

Actually my dad refuse to doing that treatment due the expensive fee.but,how could dare us just seeing the one who we love sick and suffering while we dont do anything?

My dad desprately need a kidneys transplant for saving his life.on next june i will meet specialist for doing a taste for my kidney..if its suit for my dad i will become a donor for my dad.i will donate one of my kidney for his next stage treatment kidneys transplant. we try our make him healthy he can work and live his life as usual.

with hope in our heart , im raising this fund for helping us for expenses treatment for my us to reach the us to save our daddy.The kindness of strangers is always heartwarming and strengthens my belief that there are still a lot of good people in our world.

If any body want to donate, There are two ways to help. You guys can click the big orange button that says “Donate Now” and you guys can give any amount by credit card.

You can also donate directly to the fund via PayPal by sending your gift to [email protected]. PayPal is the most direct way to give and avoids all processing fees (sorry, Generosity!).

thank you from the bottom of my heart.Thanks a lot to hear my story.