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Pakistan has one of the most undernourished and poorest regions in the world. In Pakistan, there is a high percentage of families living in poverty, the population faces food insecurity. Most parents, unfortunately, do not have the resources to support their children’s needs for food, education, housing, and even medical resources.

To be able to support their families children are forced to work, There are up to 1.7million children (age of 4 years old and up) who are working in Pakistan. These children are often exposed to physical violence, they get no breaks, no water, and no hygiene items, which causes them to be vulnerable to symptoms such as diarrhea and cholera. The children are forced into labor by severe poverty, they have no access to education, health care & sanitation. For families in Pakistan, it’s a matter of survival, you work or you starve!!

with nearly a quarter of Pakistan’s population living in poverty, many families are forced to work in hazardous conditions, with their most VITAL rights banned.

The children are not safe, they face the danger of earthquakes as well as a lot of other natural disasters.

My colleagues in Pakistan have been working hard to make a change. We partnered with FFNP (Foundations for Nations Pakistan) and with Founder Adil Moon to help make a change by building secure shelters where children will have food, medical supplies, a stable environment, formal education and not having to work until adulthood.

We also want in this same shelter to provide a secure place for poor families & expecting mothers. They will also have access to medical services, precious provisions, and security.

The conditions are literally life-threatening, make a donation today and help us make a difference, save lives and give to the children their childhood back.