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Food Prep & Dishwashing Made Easy – INSINK 4-1 IndieGoGo Campaign Viral Marketing

INSINK 4-1 offers an easy way to do food prep and dishwashing through functional & innovative design that also takes our environment into consideration while saving time, water, energy & money! Yes a kitchen gadget can do all this.

Collect food scraps freeing up space on your cutting board. Wash as you go so dishes don’t pile up on the counter or in the sink. Don’t fill the sink to wash dishes so you conserve water. Keep sharp objects visible so they aren’t hiding under soapy water.

INSINK 4-1 features the Katcher; a simple funnel which sits on top of the Kaddy or Kup. The Kaddy and Kup are identical …. except the Kaddy has holes on the bottom which provide drainage and air flow. A brush and two suction bars are included.

Great for the home, condo, apartment, vacation property anywhere you have a sink. INSINK 4-1 part of my everyday!