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Find my baby cat GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

My beautiful lovely friendly cat, Kandinsky (after the artist) went missing on Wednesday 17th December. He went out of the cat flap and was last seen with his friends (2 ginger cats, a black and white cat and a tabby – neighborhood cats) in a tree in a neighbor’s back garden.

I live in a typical London terrace house. All the back gardens join up in a line with the back gardens of the houses in the next road down, so he couldn’t easily have got to the road. I think he must have fallen or hurt himself in some other way, and is hiding alone and scared, perhaps not able to move. My neighbors are all lovely and are looking out for him, but there’s so many flats and houses I can’t ask everyone, and I don’t think many people would have the time to look for long.

I want to raise money to hire animal search UK to thoroughly search all the neighborhood gardens. This company hire ex-police and army workers, and even have heat detecting equipment. They have a 80% success rate if the search is done within 3 weeks!

I am a single girl, with no children, and Kandinsky is basically my best friend and my baby. He’s there when I go to bed, when I wake up, when I get home from work he’s always there to greet me. He even comes in the bathroom when I have my shower! I miss him so much and I want to ask all cat lovers to donate a small amount to help me find him. Anything would help!