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Family Man Seeks Startup Help for Business GoFundME Campaign

I don’t know how to go about this to be honest. I don’t like asking for things but after recent events I don’t know what else to do, please understand I’m trying my best to communicate my situation.

for a long time I was working for a man that I thought was a friend, not because that’s what I wanted, I’m there to work it’s just that he would always insist the I wasn’t an employee, I was a friend. 8hrs/ 6 days a week, $750 base pay every two weeks with $5 on every device I fixed. It’s shit pay for sure but I liked the work I was doing and am actually really good at it, so I stayed.

but I have a family, I have an autistic daughter that requires 24 hr care, her mom can’t work and I can’t support us all on such little pay, so I decided to go into the business for myself and I got a partner to help me get everything going and just get on it really. So we got an LLC and I tried to buy the business explaining my situation to my boss and that I was trying to get better off for my daughter.

Well at this point my so called friend let me know that he thought that it was “F*$?ed up” that I as his employee would want to stop working for him and try to make money for myself and my family so in the heat of the moment I quit. I shouldn’t have made that decision while angry but what happened happened and I can’t change it.

all that aside the reason I am here is because now my partner and I are just going in on a new location, so far we have a small amount of inventory, as well as a few tools needed to do the job, and we have our location (for one month at least, lol) but the fact of the matter is the better the startup the healthier the business will be.

If you read this and want to give I thank wholeheartedly, if you can’t I understand, I’m there now and if you don’t want to then thanks anyway and good luck on your journeys


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