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The Most Exciting Kickstarter Campaign of 2017, Life Sliding – An Indie Film Project, Ready to Launch at Kickstarter to Seek Crowdfunding Partnership FREE Crowd Funding Promote Boost IDIDIT

Life Sliding LLC is soon to initiate its Kickstarter campaign for an indie film based on S. L. Mauldin’s thought-provoking young adult book “Life Sliding.”
Atlanta; Feb. 6, 2017: Atlanta-based Life Sliding LLC is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of an indie film based on S. L. Mauldin’s young adult book “Life Sliding.” The full-length feature film-in-the-making speaks of a socially relevant and timely story that revolves around three youths as they maneuver through their adolescent years and their experience with bullying, stereotyping, hate and death.
Best described as the “The Most Exciting Campaign of 2017”, the Kickstarter campaign is created by author, screenwriter S. L. Mauldin. Scheduled to be launched on February 28, 2017, the campaign is geared to raise around $750,000 within 30 days.
“Life Sliding is an engaging coming-of-age tale that creatively explores several issues such as societal expectations, prejudice, and also sweeps one into the journey of discovering one’s real self. The challenges encountered by the characters here are most relevant in contemporary society, and the film will be thought-provoking not just for the young adults, but also for those beyond those tender but sometimes dangerous adolescent years. It requires a lot skilled professionals to transform a script into a feature film, and we request for you to join us on this groundbreaking journey and back this low-budget indie film so, together, we can bring the story to life. With the understanding this is an interdependent film, we intend for this campaign and production to be social media engaged like no one has ever seen before.” Stated the author while announcing the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.
Life Sliding is the story of arrogant overtly-indulged high-school teen Gavin, sent by his father to summer camp to assist the children with special needs. Gavin’s dad feels his son needs a redirection in his life in order grow up as a proper sensible human being. At the camp, Gavin is forced to charter beyond his comfort zone, and this is where he encounters a strange girl and a person from his past. The three clash and collide, but when tragedy suddenly strikes, they are compelled to reach an understanding. The hard-learned lessons at camp provokes them to disrupt the social order, but will they survive the fallout of a plan they set in motion?
The film is scheduled to release in late summer 2017 in movie theaters across the USA. Once the funding goal is achieved, shooting will begin in June and will be concluded in around 5 weeks. Backers are offered many interesting perks and rewards for their support. Some of them include a private dinner with the cast, film credits, film premiere invites, custom t-shirts and opportunities to appear in the film.
To learn more about Life Sliding, please visit the official crowdfunding page at Kickstarter or contact them below.
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Contact Person: S. L. Mauldin
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