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From a young age it’s always been psychologically tough for me but with perseverance I have always battered down the obstacles no matter what.

?‍♂️When I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

?My parents never gave up hope on finding a positive outcome.

?They would research tirelessly to do whatever they could to find that one amazing opportunity.

?This opportunity would come in the form of a documentary by Q.E.D. Called “I Want My Boy Back” filmed at the Autism Treatment Center of America®.

?The documentary is about the Broadrick family’s quest to communicate with their autistic son, they learned of a “Out of the box” approach of the Autism Treatment Center of America, it took two years of fundraising to visit the non-profit organisation for two weeks, and the end result for them was truly miraculous.

?It was only from watching this documentary that my parents knew the Autism Treatment Center of America, was the place to help me find my way!

⏰When my time came in July 1998. My parents and I flew to Massachusetts Boston For a week long Son-Rise Program®

?I had the most amazing mentors work with me including Bryn Hogan and William Hogan ( Who I will always remember for his excitement and his unbelievable energy)

☺️Bears and Samaria the founders who for me were just the most beautiful people I have ever met!

?I remember when I first arrived at the Autism Treatment Centre of America and the sign on the gate was “A place for miracles”

?And it really was. I was a changed boy at 19 When I left after a week. My world had opened up, I was free from the abyss. I was excited for the next step!

?I made a decision that I would give back to the Autism Treatment Centre of America when the time was right.

?‍♂️My dad approached me in February 2019 and asked me if I wanted to trek to Everest Base Camp ⛺this was the moment I had been waiting for!

My trek to Everest base camp ⛺will be exciting, challenging and memorable. Just like my journey so far!

?I have so much gratitude for my parents because without them I would not be where I am today!

?Join me in making a donation to this wonderful non profit organisation here >>>>>