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Environmental education 4-everyone

We are creating a complete environmentall program K-12 to prepare the future generations about the importance of protecting their environment. We provide a program that involves school activities, relevant data, manuals for teachers, information about how to create essential new green technologies, reports and more.
Our objective is to engage the whole school community in a change of behavior and a better environment for everyone.
We need this money before November 4th and with these funds, we will be able to provide for free this program in more than 90 schools with more than 60,000 students, and it will help us to keep on growing.
For every $250 contribution, you will be providing this complete program to a WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY, so we will send you a report of the impact and pictures of the changes you are creating in the community.
Thank you for your support and believing in us that education is key to having a better world.