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Ensuring Grandchildren’s Safety and Future

Tina Morrell Ensuring Grandchildren's Safety and Future

The main reason I am asking for help is to ensure my grand kids have a home that is safe and secure for them to grow up in. They have lived a rough life in their short time that they have been alive. They have seen things no child should ever have to be around. They are now in the custody of their grandmother that takes wonderful care of them. They need a bigger place, so they can have a room to call their own.

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The home is in desperate need of repairs. I allowed someone to come and stay that needed a place for a little while during the winter months and they took advantage of my kind nature, destroying the inside of my home. I am doing most of the work myself to save on cost except for the things I am not qualified to be doing, like installing a new heat pump. I am on limited disability income and can not afford to buy all of the materials and tools needed to complete the home for them. I would like to thank everyone in advance for any help that they can afford.