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EMI NOFUEL ZeroEmission UnlimitedMileage onboardpower ZEGEemiINCOME ZEGE, LLC EMI tech TurboElectricGenerators for Electric Vehicles unlimited mileage excess KWe income.


Jeffrey Barrett EMI NOFUEL ZeroEmission UnlimitedMileage onboardpower ZEGEemiINCOME ZEGE, LLC EMI tech TurboElectricGenerators for Electric Vehicles unlimited mileage excess KWe income.Get it here today

EMI NOFUEL ZeroEmission UnlimitedMileage onboardpower ZEGEemiINCOME ZEGE, LLC EMI tech TurboElectricGenerators for Electric Vehicles unlimited mileage excess KWe income.

ZEGE, LLC of Hawaii is now in a CROWD FUNDING $500,000 IndieGoGo drive to develop the finishing R&D for their Patent Pending no fuel unlimited mileage power and charging systems for any electric vehicle. The ZEGE site at IndieGoGo is

Because their are ONLY 1 million electric cars in the world ZEGE cannot begin their Mitsubishi Corporation and Japanese Financial manufacturing program to produce 100 million of their excess electricity Turbo-Electric Turbines using NO FUEL and producing on board power and charging for unlimited mileage.

Jeffrey Barrett, ZEGE president from Hawaii says their new marketing plan will to size the units for any electric vehicle that can produce 50KWe excess electricity so we can match the vehicle and home units for over 200KWe of excess power for GRID income that can pay for the entire car/home energy systems and give the users an income of from $10,000 to $60,000 as the units are being paid for and after.

Our ZEGE, LLC EMI Electric Turbine Generators use no fuel. We are embedding Electro Magnetic Induction high temperature heated titanium and platinum metals in a self sustaining system that many jet turbine manufacturers and auto manufacturers are proving as we speak. Rolls Royce, GE, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hatachi, IHI Corporation, Siemens, MAN Turbine, Nissan, Chevrolet, Tesla, Wrightspeed, MACK Electric Truck, Mercedes, BMW, and many other Global EV producers and turbine manufacturers are being asked to investigate and develop our technology. ZEGE has plans in place and in communications to order over $10 million in product in the next three years.

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Transportation energy is bigger than Electricity GRID fossil fuel use and Barrett says he is keen to FAST TRACK this project so electric cars, trucks and buses, homes and businesses can get our technology for nothing down and no monthly payments with excess electricity income as well. Imagine elderly home owners installing our system and doubling or tripling their income.

In the US their is room for great amounts of excess electricity to be sold at 5-10cents KWe from clean renewable technology products and like the Home Solar Roof Industry ZEGE will go one step further and develop not only net zero energy but an income rebate system that completely pays for our units.

Once the R&D is finalized for production we will announce our two ZEGE EMI tech embedded in electric cars and a ZEGE home unit giveaway with complete financing program with no monthly payment financing.

ZEGE has looked at the EV industry and without a great change the world will wait another 50 years to see 50% saturation of electric vehicles in the automotive industry and fossil fuel elimination. ZEGE is FAST Tracking this event into three years instead of 50. Our system can remake the GRID system to NO FUEL overnight by placing 10’s of millions of these small power plants in cars, Homes and small businesses. An Arizona company using EMI tech from the steel industry says changing from convection 1,000 watt heating units to Induction develops 10,000 watts of heat. They can replace or retrofit any fossil fuel plant with EMI 8MWe input of electricity for a self sustaining NO FUEL output of 100-120MWe of electricity continually. We are also convinced ZEGE can not only eliminate the steam system they use but place our smaller units maybe with less than their 95% efficiency in not only EV’s, Homes and businesses but in trains and commercial jets also.

ZEGE challenges all our R&D developer partners to embed the ZEGE EMI tech in current electric cars and lets have many global electric car races Coast to Coast in every nation for unlimited mileage electric car races. We should raise from manufacturers in the industry and sponsors $1 billion. When the races are finished ZEGE will fund manufacturing for them all at 10 million each. The winners will get Leasing priority in manufacturing distribution to ZEGE customers..Sounds far fetched. Jeffrey Barrett wrote from Washington, DC the “FAST TRACK Economics for India and China: now being used by both nations taking their 2.5 billion people out of poverty. Barrett wrote the Yuan/Yen Monetary Conversion Agreement between China and Japan and he wrote the protocols for the AIIB Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank which he told China needs to be funded at $4 Quadrillion. They are far from doing that so Barrett is pushing them and the world to get going FAST TRACK.

Check ZEGE out at and donate all you can and more. Shout us out around the world. Zero Emission Global Energy, LLC is on the move come along for the ride. what have people been screaming about on clean energy and fossil fuel elimination and no one but 1 million have done anything but scream about it. Hot air is cheap. Put your heart and soul into helping ZEGE and then signup on our coming web site which will be listed in a few days on IndieGoGo’s ZEGE site.

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