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Hi, my name is Edgar Andrés Sarmiento, I’m 25 years old and I’m studying Transportation Design Master in Italy. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and all my life I wanted to be a designer, dream that will be completed soon, I hope. I was an excellent student in my school , called “La Salle” in Bogotá: more that 30 Honorable Mentions, 9 Honorary Diplomas, 1 Silver and 7 Golden Medals (like best student), one diploma for first place in Maths Olympics and some sports medals and trophies that includes athletics and BMX rider (the most important two national prices).

Education help Design Master Degree. (Full description in the link)

In 2009 I entered to one of the most important universities in my country called “Universidad Nacional de Colombia”, after pass a hard exam of selection. Not all the people can enter to this university, and you have the advantage to not pay a lot of money compared to all private universities, that are too expensive, with the same education quality or better; practically the government helps with a part of the fee.