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eBook Authoring on PHP and Web Security IndieGoGo Viral Exposure

Hi, I am Elaiya Iswera Lallan, better known as Lallan. I have been a programmer, software architect and ethical hacker for the past 17 years. I have done ethical hacking as a hobby since my college days and I have also trained participants in ethical hacking and on how to protect their systems. Many web systems’ security have been compromised, including those belonging to governments and banks. Some hackers have even demanded for ransom once they have hacked the system, and to avoid further humiliation, the victims paid the ransom.

As of late, I have been training a lot of people in PHP and web security, including IT staffs in government and established corporations. The feedback and reaction that I receive from the participants are very positive, and they have endorsed me to put all these effort into writing because they rarely, if cannot, find a book that actually teaches what I teach. So I have decided to author this eBook, where it will benefit the reader with new tools and techniques that can be used in web security, including conducting ethical hacking for your own web system. With your contribution, new frontiers can be explored in the web security world, thus contributing to the growth and advancement in web protection know-how.

What We Need & What You Get
I am requesting for an amount of $10,000 from this crowdfunding. Funding from here will be used for further research on more advance tools that needs purchasing. Software tools will be tested out thoroughly and also will include more professionals for their advice and feedback. If needed, I will also purchase new domains and hardware to simulate a web environment for ethical hacking process. With more findings from this tools, the quality and reliability of information in this eBook can be improved. Your support will also help pay for the design, editing, proofreading, layout and publishing of the eBook.