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During the Transition Fund GoFundME Viral Marketing

I am a life transition coach and formerly a university faculty member and adult education facilitator. My coaching experience has been the most exciting career change because it allows me to work with adults who are transitioning to new jobs, careers, retirement. I also work with people who simply need to change their focus or grow from grief, divorce, and any other personal experience that involves renewal.

Recently I was hired by an exciting company that is hiring 500 coaches for entrepreneurs–so they can succeed. However the date for starting was changed several times due to various issues of getting enough coaches and organizing the various details for the coaches. I am now looking at starting next year sometime in the spring instead of this past June. I had stopped my coaching since originally we were to clear our calendars for this year.

Now I am looking for funds to help me during this delay since June to next spring. In the meantime, I am writing a book for a publisher and have a contract. So I am keeping busy but the book is not going to pay me anything until late 2017.

I am asking for money right now to help with my transition and to pay various personal expenses such as rent, groceries, prescriptions that I need and day-to-day expenses like printer ink, etc. I could use some help in November, December and into the early part of 2017 so I have calculated my goal to fit that span of time.

I intend to pay this forward and help coach people pro bono who cannot afford coaching, once I start my job as one of the 500 coaches. Also I would gladly pay back anyone who wishes to follow this funding and contributes and wishes an update.

I would be immensely grateful for your contribution and promise that once I get on my feet my website– will feature some great coaching helps for you as well as coaching experiences in your city or town if you wish to use my expertise. Thank you for considering this.
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