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Dorothea Brown’s Medical Fund

Hello everyone. my name is Serena Brunson. This fundraiser is for my dear mother, Ms. Dorothea Brown. In January of 2016, Ms. Brown was diagnosed with Stage four breast cancer. the prognosis were not promising. My mother started Chemotherapy treament in February. Along with the chemotherapy came lots and lots of prayers to God to heal my mother. This crisis called for some uncertain times for my family and I. Now seven months after her first treatment, and to everyone’s surprise, including the doctors, my mother responded extremely well to the treatment. the tumor shrunk drastically ! Thanks to the power of God ! Although she is doing great, she is weak and always tired from the treatments.
She is now under long term care, which consists of a Home Health Aid, for 8 hours a day, and 7 days a week. To assist her at home. Medications, and all medical supplies she may need. With seven months of treatments and long Term Care, My mother is now over her head with medical bills. These bills will continue to climb since she is still in need of care. Also, because Ms. Brown is under going cancer treatments, she has lost lots of weight. she is now in need of new clothing. It will mean so much to me to reach my goal of $30,000, as soon as possible to help my mother recover financial from the unpaid medical costs. also for her to wear proper fitting pants that do not fall off her when she walks. I just want her to have peace of mind and happiness. She deserves it. I will be extremely greatful for all help. God bless all !