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Disabled Photographer Mobility Needs Vehicle GoFundME Viral Marketing

Greetings to all! My name is Michael Sundin, and this is my quest: to become mobile again! I am a paraplegic and freelance photographer. Recently my first car died on me. She was my first vehicle, and served me well for 10 good years. But, unfortunately, her time has finally passed.

I need to acquire a new vehicle if I am to continue to be self-sufficient. As a paraplegic, any way that I can continue to take care of myself is a gift, and having a vehicle certainly helps in this. But I cannot simply go to a lot and grab any used vehicle.
I need a vehicle that will last me another good 10 years, that can carry the equipment that I use for my photography work as well as my wheelchair, and that can be either modified for use by a paraplegic or is already equipped for such disabled use.

Such vehicles do not come cheap.

My being without a vehicle presents an additional difficulty, as a freelance photographer it is very difficult to work to raise the money needed without a reliable source of transportation.
I live in the country, nowhere close to any public transportation such as bus lines, and any taxi service coming out that far is very expensive making it difficult to save money. And 16 years of wheelchair use has wreaked my shoulder which was already weakened by the accident that put me in a wheelchair, making it both difficult and extremely painful to push myself for the several miles it takes to get to the nearest bus stop. I am doing the best I can to still get to where I need to be to keep working, but I know that my body cannot take the abuse for much longer.

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