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Dire Need of Reliable Vehicle GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

November 30th 2016, our family (two adults and three children) moved from the rural outskirts of Williamsford to the beautiful town of Kincardine, little did we know how expensive country life was, honestly, only a month after moving into williamasford did we realize how essential a vehicle was and how costly internet was ($1200+ for a turbohub and cell phones) So we moved because we haven’t had finances to afford that kind of living nor could we afford to get a roadworthy vehicle. A low income family that was struggling hard in the rurals on two incomes, moving legally in together put us down to one income! All of this happening while we’re starting our move to Kincardine.

Needless to say, we’ve exhausted leaning on our family/friends for loans until next pay…debts that we’ll take a lifetime to repay. We need help, we owe previous landlords for disposing what we couldn’t afford to move (which includes our beds dressers, crib etc), need help replacing beds for at least the kids…but most of all we NEED a vehicle.

To not only be our lifeline to appointments but how am I to pick up bedsd etc without a minivan??
I’m in the process of registering for course upgrades, and looking for work to try and afford another fix it up vehicles because that is all low I income families can afford…I am asking for help to buy a vehicle that will last us the next 15+ years and not need work for 5+ years!!

To hopefully buy a years worth of insurance as well. We sure could use the break this year!! My goal amount is to buy a minivan for our growing family and insurance.

Good bless to the reader, thank you for taking the time to read my plea!. Any donation amount big or small helps!