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Debilitating disease trying to disable a ongoing creator FREE GoFundME Marketing

Hello my name is Shayfaye !
I am a self taught artist who has been humbled by life’s struggles in many ways that being said my ambition and enthusiasm for art has been put on hold too many times to count . I am not implying that life has gotten any easier with my latest new found diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis . Because it HAS NOT , but staying positive I can battle this chronic illness with my passion for imagery and design . Learning how to live on a very fixed income because this illness aswell as others on my plate have definitely reduced my many abilities to work in a regular environment BUT in all honesty art has always been my passion so I figure this lack of physical abilities will set me back on my path of opinion and expression to share with others in this crazy world of today . I feel compelled to go back to the basics of my unfilled inspiration of abstract ,opinionated , passionate , exploitative compositions of many types graphics acrylic art pastel aswell as sketching . We all know this is not a cheap passion but I have faith that the universe will be behind my endeavor aswell as people who have the means to help . I have already found a home to be where I can create . But coming up with materials is becoming a challenge SO with this page I’m hoping I can not only sell my art , make custom art , but also find sponsors to help with materials …..I am also very humble but know with the power of thought anything is possible colobos travelling adds the list goes on …. This is Shafaye coming up with a way to make her disability a postive please help the karma WILL GETCHU I can promise that
I am always looking for opportunities to gain knowledge and further my goals . please feel free to inbox me.