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Dean’s Battle To Beating Cancer GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Dean Sidoti is my dad. He’s a very caring father and hardworker. December 17th 2015 he called me and gave me the news. I was devastated, I thought to my self here I am living in another state with 5 of his grandchildren and can’t just get to him right away. He tells me not to worry but I can’t stop.

He’s trying to stay positive and I look up to him so much for trying to stay calm. I have offered to help him as much as I can but he’s one of these people that just won’t ask for anything and I mean nothing. He keeps telling me he’s gotta work but we all know with Chemo coming he won’t be able to do much working. He’s worried about bills and how things will work which I totally understand.

Stressing about all of that will just make him weaker and I hate this for him, myself and my children. He’s a good person and after losing my PawPaw on Halloween this year.

Please Donate and Help

I just want any help or anything I can do for him readily available for him. I don’t want to lose my dad. He was always the one other person I could talk to about anything and the other is gone now.

If everyone just comes together we can make it easier on my dad to fight this. Cause you never know when that person just like my dad will be us one day and we all may need the help. Any donation of any amount is a blessing for my dad.