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D.A.D. for Megan YouCaring Viral Promo

Summary of Original Story

This is my sister, Megan. She is a Type 1 brittle diabetic. This means that her blood sugar can swing drastically and quickly at any moment. She has had several seizures, one of which caused a concussion. Recently, Megan was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy in her left eye which is a manifestation of Type 1 Diabetes. Due to the severity of her disease Megan has tried everything on the market for controlling her blood sugar, with little luck. CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) can not keep up with how fast her blood sugar moves and often provides her with faulty readings. Diabetic Alert Dogs (DAD) are one of the only things that have been proven to improve length and quality of life in type one brittle diabetics. To read more about what Megan has gone through, please visit and read the orginial story.


Navi, Megan’s Service dog was delivered to Megan on November 18, 2015. The two of them worked at the hospital. Navi constantly amazed anyone who she encountered. During her time with Megan, Navi was able to regulate Megan’s blood sugar. Megan’s blood sugar only went above 250 once or twice a week, versus several times a day! Megan was finally able to live her life, and love it. With Navi by her side, it was like a whole new Megan appeared, one that was so full of life. Megan would speak with me, her brother, on the phone often expressing how much she felt better, she felt like her body was once whole again.

On December 28, 2015, Navi was killed by a reckless driver. Megan beyond distraught, was able to began CPR on Navi as we were driving to the vet. Navi passed in her arms upon arriving to the vet. I watched as my sister lose a huge portion of herself. She was sobbing next to Navi’s body, unable to do anything else. The image of my sister in unbelievable pain will be forever seared into my memory. The entire veterinary office was crying along with myself, and the service dog trainers who were with us via phone. It was clear to everyone, except Megan, that she was going to need to be hospitalized. It took three people to peel Megan from Navi’s body. Megan was able to take her collar and held onto it, tight enough to leave bruises on her hand. When we arrived at the hospital, Megan had become catatonic and due to event her blood sugar was low. Not being able to move, the nurses had to start an IV and push dextrose. It took several hours and multiple different medications before she could speak. The state trooper that took our police report stated that they had one of their service dogs pass the same way.

The driver that hit Navi, did not stop. She died in her vest with her Mom at her side.


Due to Navi’s tragic death, Megan has now developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She would have constant flashbacks or memory recalls. It took almost a month for her to become even semi-independent. At the advice from her therapist, she began painting. I watched as she used all of her energy day in and day out on this painting (picture of the painting is in the photo gallery). My aunt and Megan decided to go down to Kentucky, where Navi was trained, to heal. The service dog trainers, Janece and Lynn have become like family to us. Both women have a strong medical background and were able to help Megan re-adjust to life again. Megan Still struggles with PTSD on a daily basis. Her shadow is gone. The other service dogs on the farm have grown to adore Megan. They surrounded her the entirety of the trip. There was one special dog that seemed to need her too, after all he had lost his best friend.


Duke sought out Megan right away during the healing trip to Kentucky. He was best friends with Navi all throughout their training. When he heard the news of Navi’s death, he began grieving himself. He did not eat for several days and white patches appeared on his coat, due to stress. Duke and Megan spent a lot of time together thinking about Navi. The trainers did not expect the two to bond the way they did.

After a little while, Megan returned to Kentucky to visit once again. This time the idea of Duke becoming her service dog was discussed. It did not take Megan long to figure out that this loving young boy loved her to pieces. Whether she was ready or not, Duke wanted nothing more than to devote his life to taking care of her. Duke’s nickname is Mister Man. He reminds Megan of Mr. Bennett from the movie Pride and Prejudice, a soft but strong, supportive, loving presence.

With your help, Megan will be receiving Duke by the end of 2016. Due to the circumstances, the funds for Duke are not due right away. This is where YOU come in! Please, be a part of Megan’s return to a healthier, happy life. Every dollar, share or repost matters. We will post pictures and updates of Duke and Megan as we go along in an attempt to repay back the love you can give this strong-willed, incredibly courageous and caring girl. Thank you.


-Jon YuhaszPratt (Meg’s brother)