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Crooked Contractor Left Family Homeless GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure EMWNews

After a near-death experience due to a ruptured appendix in 2017, Ms. Phillips decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of purchasing a home. In October 2018, she accomplished this and after the purchase, she hired a contractor to add an extension to the home (It was a small home built in 1951, still with the original kitchen and bathroom). After paying him $238,000 (her life’s savings) and 72k above the original negotiated renovation cost, Ms. Phillips was left with a shell of a house that’s incomplete and in disastrous condition. The contractor refuses to return any money and will not complete the job. This renovation was started in October 2018. They have gone through every penny they have and deserve the public’s assistance in righting this wrong. Ms. Phillips spent her life educating and counseling America’s children as well as assisting a safe school charity, Alert Inc. in her spare time. Ms. Phillips is at a tremendous loss and is out of options. We would appreciate any assistance you may have in helping this family. We are seeking 50k to at least make their home habitable, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, heating and electric.