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Competitive indie game Antegods looking for investment on Fig Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Dutch indie game studio Codeglue is looking for funding for their competitive arena game Antegods on, which offers both rewards and investment-based crowdfunding.

The studio has been working on Antegods for over a year now, investing a lot into it and has grown more passionate each day. With funds raised from the campaign, Codeglue will be able to iterate on specific gameplay features such as special abilities for the players, create the tournament metagame, improve networking code and polish everything else.

The team has everything it takes to bring it there, and are looking for investors to help them get there.

Check out our campaign page here:

Thank you for your support!
Peter, Maurice, JP, Tom, Wytze, Niels, Kevin, Davey, Rens, Niels, Rik and Mat

About Antegods
Antegods is an action-packed arena game in which the remnants of the Mayan civilization have taken to space. Two teams of 4 players each control customizable stonepunk mechs to hunt for energy and fight off opponents in a procedurally generated and highly destructible map. The ultimate goal is to activate enormous ‘titan’ statues that will bring explosive mayhem down upon the enemy team. Whoever wins these tactical battles climbs an intergalactic tournament ladder, ultimately becoming gods themselves.