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Community Natural Birthing Center House of Life

My name is Khaya and I’m raising money for our community birthing center called the House of Life. I gave birth to my three children naturally here with my husband and two of the midwives on staff. As an offer of gratitude I want to give a nice donation to help fund renovations and donate new equipment to benefit the voluntary midwifery staff and other pregnant women in our community.

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This birthing center is particularly important to me because of all the services they provide, yet they ask for very little financially in return. The midwives provide regular checkups for expecting mothers, and they are fully trained for all types of natural deliveries, including breech babies, twins, water births, and more. They provide classes for new mothers and their husbands (or any expecting mother who wants a refresher course) to teach them about the various stages of pregnancy, stages of labor, and preparing for the baby once it arrives. They provide coaching for the husbands who want to fully participate in the birthing process, too. They also work with each woman to determine her birthing plan and do their best to prepare the birthing environment according to the woman’s preferences in order to make her feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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After the baby is born, the women and babies go to the hospital for checkups and paperwork. Then the women can choose to return to the birthing center for two weeks of recovering, relaxing, and bonding with their babies. They are provided with meals and attendants to assist them around the clock with anything they may need.

The birthing center is fully functional right now, but there are significant repairs that need to be done, and the midwives, while trained in water births, do not have a designated room and the equipment specifically needed for this type of birth. Also, there are minimal rooms, so they need to expand in order to accommodate multiple women during their two week stays if such situations arrive. Ideally each woman would be able to have her own room, complete with bassinet, bed, rocker, nursing pillow, etc. Finally, donations will also be able to provide a salary for the midwives and staff who do most of their work voluntarily. So, your donated funds would go to: the renovation and expansion of the birthing center, donating new equipment for various types of births based on the women’s preferences and birthing plans and to offering a decent salary to the dedicated women who serve our community.

I have been so grateful to have such a place so easily accessible for all of my previous births and would love to be able to give something back that would mean so much to the midwives, staff, and other expecting mothers in our community. I would love to be able to make this donation by the end of this calendar year at the latest so that renovations can begin as soon as possible. Your donations, no matter how big or small, will go a long way to make our birthing center even more functional and special to all of us here in our local community. Thank you so much!

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