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Colouring Book of the Dreamtime FREE GoFundME Marketing

My name is Mirree, I am a Professional Contempoary Aboriginal Artist, I paint full-time for a living out of my studio in the Cenral West of NSW in Australia. I started a series of 44 Animal Dreaming 1-meter Original Painting back in 2011, now that I am half way finished I have turned half of the paintings into Colouring Templates and put them into a book.
I came on here to raise funds to support “The Colouring Book of the Dreamtime”, it is a Colouring Book for kids, adults and beginners alike.

The money raised on this campign will be used to fund the additional expenses that I could not make up personally. Such as the making of the A6 sized 2nd reference book, which will act as a guide book for those just starting out. Also the postage fee so that it gets transported safely from China to Australia. Theres been a lot of work been put into the book since June, from creating the templates, to self-publishing the book, to the marketing, to production and delivery from overseas. And I have been doing it all on my own without any support from outside so that I could save time and get everything done ASAP. So that is why I decided now to seek the suport from those you who would love a unique Colouring book striaght from an Indigenous Artist in time for xmas. Since June, I have not been receiving an income as I’ve been working hard to complete the book, all sales from the book has gone towards the publishing and maunfacting of the book overseas, any extra money I’ve needed for the project has come from my savings. I hope you will support me on this venture. SEE BELOW FOR YOUR REWARDS FOR DONATING !