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Clavia Nord Piano 2 HA88 stagepiano

Eeco Rijken Rapp Clavia Nord Piano 2 HA88 stagepiano


Thank you for your donations sofar. Much love to you all ❤️


Dutch jazz pianist
Let me introduce myself. I am Eeco, 32 years old and a full time Jazz pianist who loves traveling and making music.

I stream live to support talented musicians/singers and help out people as much as I can. I am also a supporter of stop bullying and I made some videos like this one to support my fans:

I am using go fund me, to raise money to buy a new stage piano. When I am performing and there is no acoustic one I use a stage piano but mine has been used for almost 10 years and some keys don’t work or make a loud sound. This has effect on my broadcasts and I can’t record songs proper for new projects.

If this will work out you’re not only making me so happy but I can make new songs that will inspire anyone who is a musician/singer and also my live concerts will sound so much better.

I give this fund me one year time and any donation is appreciated.

The person who donates the most, I will make a song about you and post it on my YouTube!