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Chengetai Needs School Funding Help Stop Deportation GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure

Chengetai Nheyera is a young 21 year old lady who is in Ukraine studying medicine. This is her second year. She is originally from Zimbabwe. The situation in Zimbabwe is so grave that the unemployment rate is 95% according to Her parents are hardworking but they are unable to find employment. She would love to work so that she is able to pay her tuition but its also not easy to get a job in Ukraine. She is a very smart young lady .

Last school year she had all A’s in all her classes. I understand the university is willing to sponsor her next year if she maintains the good grades. Chengetai needs $3000 by Monday September 26th otherwise she is being sent back to Zimbabwe because she is on a student visa. I just learnt today about this situation from my husband who is cousins with Chengetai’s mother.

This is a very desperate situation thats needs immediate attention. We have so many children that we pay tuition for because of the economic situation in Zimbabwe, we are so thin stretched and so embarrassed by asking for money for this situation.

I appreciate every dollar that will be donated.. $5, $10 no matter how small, it will take Chengetai a step closer to achieving her dream to become a doctor and help others. I am so thankful for gofundme because I have seen people in dire situations getting help. So please please help.

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