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Hello, I’m Taka Ono, Ive Been Working In The Field Of Armed Security For Over 10 Years And I’m Very Passionate About It, I Would Like To Raise Awareness Of The Security Industry But Do Not Have The Funds To Do So, Its A Lot Of Money To Start And Could Use The Help. I Want To Bring Something Fresh And New To The Scene By Having A Podcast And Online Discussions, Raising Money For Security Professionals Who Got Themselves In A Situation That Placed Them Or A Loved One In The Hospital From On The Job, Taking Care Of My Security Professionals, Making Sure They Have Great Training To Interact With Local Law Enforcement And Civilians, To High Risk Situations, To Diffusing A Physical Altercation And Helping All Who Needs Assistance On The Contracts, Equipment To Meet The Needs Of The Tasks At Hand, And Uniforms So That We’re Identified For Your Assistant Of Situations. I Want To Be A Great Example Of How Security Should Be Operated And Not Be A Cold, Uncaring, Hard To Reach Agency. So Please Donate As Much As You Like And I’ll Be Grateful Of Any And All Donations To My Cause.