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On March 27th 2019 I was injured in a 3 car accident in NYC on The Cross Bronx Expressway. As you can see from the picture above the accident left us without a Vehicle but Thankfully we are still here to talk about it. This GoFundMe is being set up for my Family and the hopes to obtain any working vechile to continue to care for the wellness of My Grandmother who has unfortunately suffered a very Bad stroke according to the doctors. Every day we are with her to feed her to assist or participate in her Rehabilitation and each day is a new challenge. It is definitely extremely difficult on my Family to make this commitment with no substitute means of transportation so I ask and I’m hopeful that someone out there has some compassion and empathy for our situation and is Able to make any Donation to our family we are in desperate need of a vehicle especially with my grandmother being a Rehabilitation Facility, making sure she eats drinks goes to therapy and is also treated with respect. Again any Donation anyone is able to make would be so greatly appreciated during this difficult time. God Bless you all… Love Odom/Ellington Family