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Can’t drive need $4 home business Best GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

I was informed by my doctor, that I cannot drive for a while due to medical issues. Now that I am stuck at home and unable to work I need to generate income

My name is Mark Gorodetzer, aka, Average Dad Cooking. I am an amateur chef of over 40 years cooking all sorts of foods and developing new concepts. I started a website, and a Facebook page, @averagedadcooking and Instagram, @average_dad_cooking to share my love of cooking. This was all just a hobby…at first

Average Dad Cooking is now incorporated and I want to make and distribute my line of BBQ sauces and other spices. I have already secured most of the necessary licences. The funds will allow me to secure the remaining licenses and start to purchase the canning supplies, as well as all my ingredients. I plan to upgrade my website, so I can sell products online. With the holidays approaching , I will also have an aggressive marketing campaign.

The funds would be needed immediately. I want to have product shipping by Thanksgiving and on sale at the Las Vegas Distillery in time for the holiday season.

I never had the intention of turning Average Dad Cooking into a company, but the support has made me very determined for this to be the last job I ever have. Cooking, for me, is a labor of love. I have so much fun in the kitchen, it is very relaxing. Getting this company up and running would be an unexpected dream come true. When one is stuck at home, you have a choice, feel sorry or see an opportunity. I chose the latter one. I enjoy cooking for friends and family, now I want to share with everyone.

Words can’t describe how thankful I would be, but I would want to give everyone a hug or high five. I am a family man, devoted husband and father, that wants to lead by example.