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Cancer Family’s Financial Struggle (Please Help This Australian Family To Have A Better Future) FREE Crowd Funding Promote Boost IDIDIT


Early 2015 Our Family (mum, dad, daughter & son) moved to Townsville (In Australia) to start a NEW LIFE. Within a short period of time after arriving I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was so devastated, all I could think was THIS was supposed to be our new life. Our world was then turned upside down and since then I have had a Right Breast Lumpectomy, 7 Months of Chemotherapy, Lymph Nodes Removed & a Mastectomy of My Right Breast. I have recently seen Surgeons in Brisbane for Upcoming Reconstruction of my Right Breast and will be going to see them again this week.

I had also recently found out that I have some New Lumps in my Left Breast. Although test on these lumps show no signs of Cancer, I have been advised by my Brisbane Surgeons to have this Breast Removed & reconstructed when my right breast reconstruction is done.

I have already had Cancer as a Child & Now as an Adult. The thought of having Cancer a 3rd Time Scares me. I know it is the right decision for me, my family and for my future to have my left breast removed and have made that choice.

Now Our Family is going through a difficult time, experiencing the Financial Stress that Cancer can Create. We have lived on one income even before my Cancer diagnosed.

As no one knows what their Future holds, from the start we were not Financially in a good position. However you can’t tell Cancer to wait until you are.

When my Partner Receives his pay, and After Rent, Food, New Bills & Trying to Pay off Old Debts, it is so upsetting for Our Family that “There is Nothing Left.” We are hoping that by having a gofundme page that through Kind Donations this will help our Family to have a New Start.

At this moment I feel like my whole life is falling apart and as the Cancer Patient I am to blame. Now my aim is to help my Family get back on track. As the Patient I feel So Much Guilt for putting my partner and two children through this & at the moment I am trying everything possible to help make their lives a Little Happier and Easier.

Our Family is Holding Onto Anything at the moment that could Possibly Bring some Financial Help & Everyday as a Family we are trying to find any way to Help put Our Family Back on Track And Pay Off All of Our Debts That Have Built Up, And Start a New.

If I could have one wish, it would be that people/families who have gone through a similar experience or others that are touched by my story can find kindness in their heart to help Our Family.

I am Hoping that by Reaching Out, & with the Help of Kind Donations this will make it Possible for Raise Other Funds to Help our Family Recover/Through the Financial Stress that Having Breast Cancer has Unfortunately Placed Our Family in & Help Us To Have a Better Today & a Brighter Future.

For Your Kind Donation no matter how Small, Our Family would be grateful each and every day for the Rest Of Our Lives.

Thank-you For Caring About Another Family. Our Family.