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Building a future for my boys GoFundME Donors PR Agency

I have two of the most amazing boys a mother could ever ask for. They both have autism and ADHD. My husband and I are full time carers for our youngest son who is 7 and my Mum who has been living with dementia for the last 10 years. Our eldest son goes to a main stream school and our youngest attends an autistic school.

They have both come so far and we are so proud of them in the way they face daily challenges. our youngest son requires a lot of additional assistance in his day to day activities and this means that as Mum and Dad we are home to tend to those needs. Being on a carers payment leaves us financially struggling and does not really allow us the opportunity to save funds to get our dream up and running.

I would love to build an online business that stocks items to help assist in the day to day lives of children like my boys at an affordable price as so many special needs items are so expensive. I would love to build a business to help support my family and be able to offer my boys all the professional assistance they require and also offer a future to them in helping out and one day running the business if that is what they would like to do. I would appreciate any assistance at all in regards to raising some funds to be able to buy some stock to bring our dream to a reality. Thank you so much for your time in reading our story, it’s greatly appreciated. Please share to help us reach our goal.