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Brittany’s Final Days GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

It is with a broken heart, that our family must share with you the tragic news that last Tuesday our loving, special and beautiful 28 year old daughter Brittany Soblick went into cardiac arrest and due to the fact that she is brain dead, she will not survive this week .

If you did not know Brittany, we want to share with you that our fun loving daughter lived with multiple disabilities that include Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder, Epilepsy, Gastroparesis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to just name a few, yet none of them ever stopped her.

Truth be told, nothing ever stopped her!

Brittany started attending SUNY Oneonta in the Fall of 2006 as an adolescent education and mathematics major. She excelled in her coursework until several health problems brought her to her knees again and forced her to drop out of all of her classes and move home after the Spring semester of 2011. She only had 13 credits remaining out of 122 credits needed to graduate. Brittany attempted to take courses at Stony Brook the following Fall but her health landed her in the hospital again in critical condition and on a ventilator.

Upon her initial enrollment into college as a freshman at Oneonta, the College made it very clear that she had just ten years to finish her degree or her credits would lose their value. So Brittany picked herself up like always, led the way here on GoFundMe to raise the money needed and finished all her courses in order to finally graduate now which was a goal of hers. She was not going to be denied, even if it took 10 year.

Under the words driven and determined in the dictionary, you would see the name Brittany Soblick. With her leadership, and working as a team, we made sure she could finally conquer the final four classes needed to complete her degree. We are so proud to say she did. With all your previous help, she will be gettng her Bachelor’s in Mathematics. We can’t thank you enough for all your financial support as you helped make her dream come true.

You see, Brittany refused to ever give up as she believed “that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, only how many times you get back up”. She was resilient, determined, and strong as graduating from College would allow her to begin working again in the math field she loved so dearly, despite her health ailments. She would say all the time, “I look forward to being the best Brittany that I can be once again”. For years, her life and potential career have taken the backseat to her serious health problems, yet she was motivated beyond words to finally show the world what she can do.

Tragically, Brittany’s health took a turn for the worst and she went into Cardiac Arrest on Tuesday. She will pass over the next day or so. The family is too humble to ask for help, but they could very much use additional financial support. There are all kinds of unexpected bills and that includes Britt’s funeral and therefore any size donation is so appreciated and needed at this exact time

With broken hearts, Mike and Maureen Soblick and family.