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Bring Pia Home For The Holidays GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

I met Pia over 20 years ago when I first became a United Airlines flight attendant. It was one of my first few flights; I walked on to the plane and was met by a striking blonde.

She was not only beautiful, but funny and smart and truly had a kind spirit. A friendship started that day that has spanned 2 decades and at times an entire continent. It’s one of those rare ones where no matter how long has gone by, you pick up right where you left off. Pia is loved and adored by everyone who has met or worked with her.

I have been privileged to be a part of Pia’s greatest moments, like the day she married her Prince Charming, and hardest days like the last week when she was in ICU at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, clinging to life.

Pia was most recently told she has “end stage ALS”. A small name for a very big disease that has ravaged her body for 2 years. (
She is paralyzed from the chest down and at 5’9 weighs only 88lbs. This stunning 45 year old Dane still has her huge smile, beautiful bright eyes and amazing considerate heart though she can’t speak, eat, or move! Pia’s condition declined rapidly last week and a tracheotomy was performed and feeding tube instated. Immediately infection, fever and pneumonia set in. It was a precarious few days as friends and family rushed to be by her side.

This Viking made it out of ICU…but due to insurance issues, she was transferred to a long term care facility in Phoenix… almost 300 miles away from home. She is stuck unless a medical air transport moves her. Pia has shown extraordinary strength and tenacity. But she wants and needs to get home to California, home to be near her beautiful 5 year old son, her husband, her friends, her community.

Medical transport will cost $13,000- $15,000. Insurance will not cover in home care of $12,500 per month. She will need a special bed at home so she is comfortable. The the rest of the funds raised will go toward on-going care of her family’s expenses since her husband has stopped work to take care of her.

Astounding but this goal will only get their family through the next couple months. But at least Pia can spend the Holidays at home and not have to be in an awful facility and be stressed about money…

This is one of those stories where there has been heartbreak at each turn. No one can say how much time is left, but certainly however much time there is must be spent building memories with her little boy… time with his mommy is a gift to him as much as it is for her.

With your help, we can send Pia home! Anything will help and would mean the world to this beautiful family! I believe in the power of community and love and I KNOW your help would reunite a sick and sad mommy and her little boy very very soon! Time is of the essence.

Don’t wait, please help Pia now!!!

We are immensely grateful for your kindness.