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Bring Leon Home American Germany GoFundME Viral Marketing

We are trying to save Leon from German social services and bring him to America to be with his mother and grandfather. Please see the GoFundMe page or the following link for more information.

Many of our Facebook friends know about Melody and this incredibile story that led her to America to live with the father she just learned about. For those who do not know, please continue to read…

About a year ago, my boyfriend, Chris, was contacted by two different young girls. One, Melody, said she believed Chris was her father and the other said she was Melody’s half sister and was trying to help her locate and contact her biological father. To say we were skeptical about this contact was an understatement. We hear all the time about people being suckered out of money through various scams and we truthfully thought this was one of those situations. At least until Melody disclosed who her mother was. Now things seem more legitimate than first suspected.

When Melody’s mother discovered she was pregnant, she blamed another man knowing full well that Chris was the father. Chris did not know this but, once he knew who Melody’s mother was, he began to suspect that Melody may, in fact, be his daughter.

That leads us to how Melody ended up in Germany. The man that was listed on Melody’s birth certificate was from Germany. When Melody’s mother was apparently in a rehab facility, Melody was taken to Germany by the man who she thought to be her dad. After a short while, this man proved to be abusive. She was bounced from one family member to another, all treating her like a problem and never as family. Melody was verbally and physically abused and terrorized by the only family she knew. Eventually, she was left in an orphanage then subsequently bounced from foster home to foster home. Once again, she was mistreated and left unloved.

Fast forward a few years. In and out of homes and looking for love and acceptance in the wrong places, Melody found herself pregnant. After having her baby, Leon, Social Services in Germany took her son. The Jugendamt claimed she knew nothing about caring for a baby and told her everything she did was wrong. They called her a bad mother and told her she had nothing to offer him because she was poor and had no family. Melody was young, but she loved her son and provided for him with what she had. She put her son before herself and did everything on her own with no help. The reasons the Jugendamt gave for taking her son were ridiculous. They have a history of tearing good families apart just because they can. They like to target young mothers who have little or no support system. This was the case for Melody, until now…

After Melody began opening up and talking with Chris (which took considerable time because of her trust issues), they did manage to get the DNA testing done to prove he is her father. After almost a year of planning and preparation, which included moving to a bigger house, Melody is here in the US with her father.

Now some of you might be wondering why she came without her son and it is very simple to explain. German Social Services claim that Melody has no support system or way to care for her child. In Germany, that would be true. She was homeless after their social services kicked her out of their system when she came of age. But here, she has more family than she can comprehend and many people who would do everything they can for her. However, the one thing we need and can’t just get is an attorney. International law is complicated and expensive. We have to fight for Melody’s rights to keep her son so that the German social services cannot steal Leon from her the way Melody was stolen from her real father. Chris met his daughter for the first time on September 25, 2015 when she was 19 years old.

Here is my GoFundME page for even more info: